Bridal Boudoir


What is Bridal Boudoir ?

Bridal boudoir photography, the kind in which you—the bride, in this context — partake in a professional photo shoot in which you are in your pretty underthings, and then give the resulting pictures to your groom as a wedding present.

A session that captures your seductive beauty through tasteful, intimate photos taken in a setting that is comfortable to you.

This is a chance for you to look and feel beautiful. The shoot will take place in a bedroom setting, either in your home, a studio, or a hotel. Dress in lingerie, playful outfits, or simply cover up with a sheet to get some sexy photos of yourself! Not only is it a great confidence booster, but it also makes a great gift for your new husband.

Decide what you are comfortable with. Bridal boudoir session should be an expression of you and your personality. If that means nude or nude with a bit of lace than thats what you should do… If that means wearing your fiancee’s favorite shirt or article of clothing then that is what you should do.